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Retail Security

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A Retail Security Officer primarily operates in preventing theft. This is typically by observing shoppers and identifying any irregular shoplifting activity. Ensuring public safety is key. When it comes to security, we don’t believe that one size fits all. What’s right for one business may not be right for you. That’s why we create a security solution that fits the needs of your business. And should your business grow, or you need to address new threats or opportunities, our intelligent security means that your business is always protected.

Retail Security Best Practices to Keep Your Store and Customers Safe

In the last year, retail industry players have been introduced to new and familiar business protection challenges. Both in-store and online commerce have been exposed to numerous security threats. What threats may lie ahead and how can they be addressed with retail security solutions? Keep reading to find out. The pandemic has affected every sphere of our lives, and in-store retail, among other industries, has felt a profound impact. While points of sale are mostly open, some lockdown restrictions still require the closure of many premises. This means that both open and temporarily closed physical stores are vulnerable to theft and damage. And while social distancing measures require a minimum distance between people, security technologies are in higher demand than ever.