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Security Dogs Handlers

Security & Protection Dogs are Unique Highly Trained Professionals

The top security firms will have the finest and best trained service dogs and handlers, who in most cases are chosen, trained and implemented specifically for your unique security and protection needs.

When a family picks out a dog for a pet, they may immediately bond with the first puppy they see at a pet store, or go to a breeder and choose one from the most recent litter. The dog quickly becomes a household member, bringing into the family all its wonderful qualities – along with a number of quirks, some of which are trainable to counteract. Some inherent traits, however, are just the way that particular dog is, and everyone learns to live with the barker, the jumper, or the shoe chewer.

A Comprehensive Security and Protection Plan

Dogs bring much into the human world. They are wonderful, loyal companions and pets. They also can function in a whole other element, and use their inherent skills – enhanced by elite training – to ensure safety in difficult or challenging situations, and protection in a variety of ways. These dogs are different animals. Their life revolves around their work which they do for 7 to 10 years. On or off duty, they follow commands before undertaking even the most basic dog behavior. They eat only the food their handlers give them and only eat it when told it is alright to do so. This type of structure is for their own protection, and eliminates the risk that they could be poisoned by others or distracted from completing their assigned task.

Armour Security works in close collaboration with clients to offer comprehensive construction security services adapted to each unique construction site

Safety with Security Dogs